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I. Particulars of ship:

Type of ship: M. General cargo           Place of build/Year of build: Apr 2009/Vietnam

Length over all: 90.720 m                    Breadth                                 : 12.98 m

Draught: 6.160 m                                  Depth                                    : 7.600 m

M.E.Power: 1500 KW                          Gross tonnage                      : 2551 GT

Speed: 11 Knots                                    Net tonnage                          : 1497 NT

Dead weight: 4374.3 DWT                  Cargo capacity                      : g4850 CBM  

Class: Viet nam register, I VR(Restricted area of navigation within 200 nautical miles from nearest land refuges).

Main engine: Model is G8300ZC6B - 2008 (Wuxi Antai Power Machinery Co. Ltd.), type: straight four stroke, direction injection, supercharged, air inter cooling, Bore 300 mm, strocked 380 mm, rated speed 500 r/min, starting method: air motor starting; M/E control from engine room. M/E only clockwise rotation and Vessel reversing control by main gear.

Generator: 2 x 180 KVA and 1x 110 KVA

Fuel capacity:  251.2 Tons FO

Fuel type: FO and DO

Holds: 2 x (21.0 x 8.0)

Crane: 2 x C x 10 tons

Crew requirements: According our flag minimum safe manning must no less than (1 Master, 1 ch.mate, 2 deck officer, 2(two) watch keeping deck rating, 1 ch.eng, 1 eng officer, 2 watch keeping engine rating. ( total 11 mens)). Currently using 11 – 12 Crew, space for 18.


Price: usd 2,400,000(Two million and four hundred thousand U.S. dollars) FOB Viet nam

Comm: 1.75%

II. More Picture